exists to collect and share geyser eruption data.

Data License (ODbL)

Data collected on are "open source" as licensed under the Open Source Database License (ODbL). The license allows you to share, create derivative works, and adapt the database, as long as you attribute, share-alike, and keep the data open.

Special Data Sources

Some of the most valuable geyser eruption data comes from Geyser Observation and Study Association (GOSA). The sources are the Old Faithful Visitor Center Logs as transcribed by Lynn Stephens and electronic monitor geyser data from Ralph Taylor. These data are identified on by the observer name of "OFVCL-EV" and "RTED", respectively. Any use of this data should attribute the source as specified by GOSA on their website. Thank you to all that have contributed to the Old Faithful Visitor Center Log over the years!

GeyserTimes also hosts temperature data logger data from both the NPS and YVO. Please see the data logger page for more information.

Data Quality data and data-derived products, like prediction times, stem from user contributed data. Eruption data or predictions on this site could be highly inaccurate or erroneous.

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