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Date/Time From:2019-06-26 @ 0830
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Note:Today we arrived at 8:30. Steamboat was having some minors. South Vent was producing light runoff and North Vent was angled erupting to maybe 20’. As the day went on the minors got steadily better. Towards the middle to the end of the day the minors were mostly concerted and South Vent started to go straight up and a bit angled as well. It was producing quite a bit of runoff and enough to move some of the gravel. North Vent got better but it was still only angled maybe to around 40 feet.

just a wee addition to Forrest's great report. From steerage, no sign of runoff to the far left of SV channel. Back SV runoff channel is moi.... damp part way down.
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