Note 18572

Date/Time:2021-07-22 @ 0946
Time Entered:2021-07-22 09:46:52
Time Updated:2021-07-22 10:32:29
Time Uploaded:2021-07-22 11:06:03
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:14D3H.. Steamboat is gently huffing steam. NV had a wisp of water in 1 huff. SV channel is damp in places but dry around the vent. Trough has water but I believe it is from rainfall, same with patchy dampness in SV channel. CISTERN SPRING pool is low and is 1" below overflow in most directions. The established channel toward Echinus has a weak flow of water. Cistern has a weak boil and is a cloudy turquoise blue color. EMERALD SPRING is very low. pool is still down ~4" below overflow. it is calm, greenish/blue and clear.

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