Eruption 1034232

Time:0630 E
Time Entered:2018-04-27 17:22:45
Time Updated:2018-05-01 01:07:39
Time Uploaded:2018-05-01 01:07:39
Observer:Mike Keller
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Comments:Start time per NPS seismograph.

Maybe discharge on Tantalus Creek is a better measure of actual start times?
Entrant: EricZ
Time Entered:2018-04-27 17:42:17
Time Uploaded:2018-04-27 17:42:17
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What if both were right? The longest water phase I found listed was 40 minutes. What if this water phase was actually went for 90+ minutes? Doubtful, but you never know...the first short interval in an active phase???
Entrant: Janet Jones
Time Entered:2018-04-27 22:05:53
Time Updated:2018-04-27 22:06:51
Time Uploaded:2018-04-27 22:06:50
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Tantalus Creek recorder certainly shows the eruption, but there is a significant distance -- too great -- from the geyser to the monitor site to produce any reliable time. Also, the data points are at 15 minute interval. in this case, the peak discharge was at 0815MDT.
Entrant: TSBryan
Time Entered:2018-04-28 10:59:37
Time Updated:2038-01-18 20:14:07
Time Uploaded:2018-04-28 11:29:28
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YNM appears to show this eruption starting at 0633 (1233 UTC). Please see
Entrant: mhreed
Time Entered:2020-03-19 03:21:37
Time Uploaded:2020-03-19 03:21:37
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