Eruption 1046333

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Is this 0007? 31 Seconds?
Entrant: ckuiper
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Normal function eruption (MK report).
Entrant: JSJ
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Details extracted from Heinrich"s wbesite entry referenced in the post: 2355 Bijou paused. Grotto was active. After a couple of minutes, the SW Vents started erupting, Mastiff was near overflow. 0000 Feather started Almost immediately its satellite began. Then several of the other platform vents. Mastiff was pouring off water, even though we couldn't see what it was doing through the fog. Feather never really tried to stop. 6 minutes into the hot period, Giant had a huge surge. Moments later, it had another one, this one up to the top of the cone. Suddenly Giant began to climb, and the eruption started.
Entrant: Kyle
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Micah Kipple
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