Eruption 1052732

Geyser:Giant Hot Period
Standardized Duration:15m 9s
Time Entered:2018-08-31 14:28:16
Time Updated:2018-08-31 15:52:58
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:48:56
Observer:Suzanne, Tara, many others
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:Bijou pause and water rising in Mastiff, 1406:27 SW Vents sputtering, 1407:34, SW Vents on strong and water in Feather, 1409:22 Feather on for a Giant hot period. 1409:50 Rust and Feather Satellite on and Cave bubbling, 1411:39 Cave on to 3 feet, Turtle overflowing, and Mastiff began to boil. Mastiff had wide, strong surging to 2-6 feet and briefly to cone height from 3 to 5 minutes into the hot period and India was covered but the surging was not steady and from 5 to 7 minutes in it was flat or boiling to a foot. 1415:32 Bijou on, 1416:26 Cave off and Mastiff dropped. 1416:52 Posthole on along with Posthole Satellite and Slit. Giant surging built until multiple cone height surges were pouring water onto the platform and looked like they would trigger an eruption. Feather Satellite quit and there was more strong surging that was a mix of vertical and angled before it finally got weaker and Feather quit at 1424:31.

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