Eruption 1054018

Standardized Duration:43m 8s
Time Entered:2018-09-07 10:34:49
Time Updated:2018-09-07 12:47:38
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:46:42
Observer:Carol & Bill Beverly Susanne HK Emily Nancy Mark Kitt Polly John & Cindy W Barbara L. LC Clark Rocco Roel Bob L Daryl & Ann S. Brian Tom C. Byron Gary N. MA Lauren Jon Mike G. Matt H. John & Ann. Dedicated to Walt! RIP.
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Comments:AMAZING ERUPTION! IT WAS SOOOO DIFFERENT! About 5 minutes in SB sounded different and it got kinda quiet. NV height dropped to just at tree level and for a few seconds it got quiet (for SB). The water turn REALLY dirty and then built back to previous height with increased percussive bursts! NV continued to stay muddy and throw rocks. AMAZINGLY LONG ERUPTION! 1224 SB SUDDENLY STOPPED for a 7 seconds and restarted with water and percussive bursts. Restart?

Steamboat was a Monster today!!!
Entrant: bbev
Time Entered:2018-09-07 14:03:52
Time Uploaded:2018-09-07 14:04:03
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Heinrich got a height estimate about 4 minutes into the eruption. He was at the bench which is about 130 meters from the north vent. He measured 80% which is 104 meters or 341 feet.
Entrant: Suzanne
Time Entered:2018-09-07 16:15:20
Time Uploaded:2018-09-07 16:15:25
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I arrived at 2230 on September 6th to wait. From my notebook, there was a series of minors that produced lots of loud runoff and lots of steam at 0000 and 0500 ish. Height is unknown due to how dark and steamy it was.
Entrant: EmilyW
Time Entered:2018-09-10 15:00:31
Time Uploaded:2018-09-10 15:00:31
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Minors started to get stronger at about 1010. At 1014 & 1016 we saw "raging river" runoff. Series of minors that led to the eruption began at 1017. (Built from 1017 and didn't stop!)
Entrant: Polly
Time Entered:2018-10-07 12:21:40
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