Eruption 1055022

Geyser:Giant Hot Period
Standardized Duration:14m 6s
Time Entered:2018-09-14 11:29:24
Time Updated:2018-09-14 14:19:24
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:42:43
Observer:Tara, Kyle, Micah, etc
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:1035:45 Bijou pause 1037:05 water visible in Mastiff. SW spitting 1038:02 SW vents on. Water in Feather 1038:30 water in cave 1039:00 Cave & Feather overflow. Water in PH PH Sat. 1039:44 GHP Feather on 1039:50 Feather Sat on. Mastiff boil to 1-2' 1039:55 Rust on 1040:40 Cave bubbling 1042:02 Cave on to 3' 1042:38 Mastiff surges 3-4 ft. and wide with heavy overflow 1043:08 Mastiff surges to 5' 1044:18 India 100% flooded 1045:55 Mastiff dropped out of sight 1046:10 Bijou on Pause D= 10m 36s. Feather and F Sat remain on 1046:28 Cave off 1047:09 Strong sustained angled surging in Giant to 1/2 height of cone. Slit on. 1047:15 PH & PH sat on 1047:39 depth charging in Mastiff 1037:50 Slit Rust and Emerald. Low vertical surging in Giant 1038:20 Vertical surging in Giant to 2/3 height of cone 1048:38 more vertical surging to 2/3 height of cone 1049:25 Giant to top of cone 1049:50 Feather Sat off. Surging slowly weakens and becomes more angled 1053:50 Feather off. End GHP. D=14m 6s

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