Eruption 1055662

Duration:75 minutes
Standardized Duration:1h 15m
Time Entered:2018-09-17 09:39:53
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Comments:The following comments may only be used for personal, private, non-commercial purposes by registered users of Geyser Times and may not be reproduced, rebroadcast, or paraphrased in any form on any media without my written consent. 4 BURSTS! Restarted 3 times after completely stopping. North Vent, which had been muddy except for the first few minutes after the start, dropped suddenly and ceased erupting. South Vent increased in height and got louder for about 1/2 minute then dropped and stopped, making it eerily quiet. North started splashing muddy water then took off similar to Grand restarts with South joining but with clear water. I'd estimate North hit 250+ feet on the restart, South was much smaller. I did not note the time or how long after the initial start this happened. Several minutes later this sequence repeated, then again, The 3rd burst went higher, maybe 300+ feet. We were all in shock, not really comprehending what we saw. The most astounding, jaw dropping eruption EVER!

Amazing, fun eruption!
Entrant: Suzanne
Time Entered:2018-09-17 13:09:18
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TY Micah and Graham for sitting all night and calling out the 0100 and 0400 minors. This was an exceptional eruption. Per cb videos and time stamps: NV shutdown the first time at 1032, for approx10sec at which time SV went into heavy steam and remained mostly steam when NV restarted. 1034 NV shutdown again, for 8-10 sec with SV returning to heavy steam followed by first complete shutdown of both vents. Both vents restarted almost simultaneously, with NV exceeding the height of the previous restart. 1038 NV again shutdown first, SV to heavy steam for another 8 sec, then shutting down for second total, brief, quiet period. Restart again was initiated by both vents with NV dirty and outreaching the one before. 1040 NV again preceded both vents completely quitting, but for a much shorter period, and SV switching almost immediately from steam to dirty water before restarting, NV to 200-250'. Each NV pause sent SV into stronger steam, and each restart climbed to surprisingly increasing heights.
Entrant: bbev
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Micah Kipple
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No flags for this eruption. creek cfps reading
Entrant: EmilyW
Time Entered:2018-09-17 14:57:13
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Submitted to: seismograph, very weak compared to others
Entrant: EmilyW
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Video of eruption by Tara Cross.
Entrant: Tara
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