Eruption 1060931

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Time Entered:2018-10-23 23:11:58
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:43:41
Observer:Jane S
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Comments:Witnessed by five newbies, myself, Art, Wade, Kim, and Tricia. Just a tiny sliver of light so it was difficult to see the onset but it seemed to come on suddenly. At 2000 it seemed to go into steam phase but by 2015 the water phase had definitely returned. It was difficult to see, but by 2045 it was in full steam phase.

I ran into Kim and Trish this morning and encouraged them to note their observations here when they get home. Their tale, as best I understand it, is as follows: SB activity picked up suddenly and despite having their ponchos laid out on the bench, they did not get to them before the eruption started. Soaked through 4 layers. Wind likely from E. They heard others talk of rocks, but did not witness any despite powerfull flashlights; no dirty water seen. Multiple runoff channels through woods and into Cistern. Cistern seemed full when they left ~2300. E. runoff channel dried up well before the W. channel. They were leaving around 2200 and were almost to Emerald (as is tradition) when SB went silent then restarted. They returned to the obs. deck and counted 11 pauses and restarts. Many of the silent pauses were preceeded by a large increase in noise (unexplained). The restarts were just like starting all over again and disappeared into the steam somewhere above 200'. There were nine such bursts in a 15 minute period around 2230. That's a thing it does now. So...not only can you not leave before an eruption, now you can't leave after one, either.
Entrant: Tom C.
Time Entered:2018-10-24 15:30:10
Time Uploaded:2018-10-24 15:30:10
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No confirms for this eruption.
No flags for this eruption. believe that 2 pauses / restarts can be seen on the seismo.
Entrant: udo
Time Entered:2018-10-27 07:57:49
Time Updated:2018-10-27 07:59:43
Time Uploaded:2018-10-27 07:59:39
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