Eruption 1141664

Standardized Duration:~15m
Time Entered:2019-08-10 20:56:03
Time Updated:2020-01-26 20:57:28
Time Uploaded:2020-01-26 20:56:12
Observer:James St. John
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Comments:Unnamed fountain-type geyser (UNNG) slightly west-of-north of Outpost Geyser (= behind & to the left of Outpost, as seen from the East Mustard bench). Three other basins (empty today) occur between Outpost and the UNNG. Eruption from 1340 to 1355 (d=~15m); eruption started from low pool, with water not visible from bench; water level just visible at early 1343; 1349 - moderately full basin; 1353 - water filling lobe of basin to the back-left; 1355 - brief pause; eruption end at 1355; blipping/roiling at 1356; still full basin at 1357; water level slowly lowered out-of-sight. See attachment.

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Clips 5-15 of this video compilation (= time stamps 2:59 to 8:32) show UNNG-BBG-12's 1:40 to 1:55 PM eruption on 10 August 2019.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2020-01-26 20:58:05
Time Uploaded:2020-01-26 20:58:05
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