Eruption 1157799

Time:1246 ie
Duration:28min +
Standardized Duration:>28m
Time Entered:2020-01-13 13:13:06
Time Updated:2020-01-13 16:59:46
Time Uploaded:2020-01-13 16:59:34
Observer:Ryan, Janet Jones, Eric Z, Joe, et al, on webcam. Micah for follow up.
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Comments:Duration 28+min, moved cam to OF. Height 1-10ft. Initially seen at 13:02 ie MST, with Joe N's first capture moved ie to 1301, then with second capture changed to 12:46ie. GO BOARDWALK! Micah Kipple confirmed empty crater, jagged edges, debris blown toward Giantess around 15:45 MST.

This is truly amazing! 11 years of dormancy then an eruption!
Entrant: Bhoffer
Time Entered:2020-01-13 15:13:07
Time Uploaded:2020-01-13 15:13:07
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Note: Before camera moved to OF it would have a burst, and then go quiet for about 11 seconds, and then have antoehr burst, so on so forth. GO BOARDWALK!
Entrant: K.Cooper
Time Entered:2020-01-13 17:16:36
Time Uploaded:2020-01-13 17:16:36
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Time Entered:2020-01-13 17:15:32
Time Uploaded:2020-01-13 17:15:32
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No flags for this eruption. frame of the eruption, made by Janet Jones.
Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2020-01-13 14:23:17
Time Uploaded:2020-01-13 14:23:17
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Boardwalk Video
Entrant: JoeN
Time Entered:2020-01-13 15:11:10
Time Uploaded:2020-01-13 15:11:10
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Boardwalk video starting at 1246
Entrant: JoeN
Time Entered:2020-01-13 17:00:47
Time Uploaded:2020-01-13 17:00:47
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