Eruption 1165148

Time:0000 A
Standardized Duration:1h 33m
Time Entered:2020-04-26 08:11:35
Time Uploaded:2020-04-26 08:11:35
Observer:Dec 1995 Sput
Submitted to:
Comments:No time given; reported by Smokey Sturtevant. Note that Ledge was active between 11/03 and this eruption with intervals by mid-November of 6 to 8 days. "The eruptions were powerful with the one observed on 21 November having a water phase that lasted 1hr 33min. The The Main Vent reached an estimated 25 to 30 meters [80-100ft]. The Red Vent reached close to 15-18 meters [50-60ft]. The Palm Pool surged and splashed to 4.5 to 6 meters [15-20ft]. The Hillside Vent reached across the Palm Pool and onto the gravel bar. It was a very powerful and noisy eruption."

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