Eruption 1233660

Time:1055 A
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Comments:Report from a visitor. Unless anyone has a better time?

I left a confirm on here to get attention. Riverside can do 5hrs, especially during the current average interval. It typically goes 'short' or 'long' but about 1% of eruption (at least from 2000 to 2010) had 'super shorts' which could go nearly an hour before the prediction depending on Riverside's current overflow patterns. This was also noted by other studies (Weigel 1988). The last 5hr riverisde was in July 2020 with an interval of 4hr 55m:
Entrant: underarockphoto
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Since about mid-2019 or so (might be later or earlier, can't quite pinpoint a time, just a general observation), Riverside's two most common intervals tend to hang around 5h40m and 6h10m, with the occasional "excursion" to shorter intervals. This is supported by several sub-5h40m intervals (including a few sub-4h intervals surrounded by the usual "expected" ±6h intervals). Given this entry is a visitor report, it is likely that it could be a few minutes off, however, the interval in general is very reasonable. Interval shortening has been taking place for a few years now and seems to have stabilized for now.
Entrant: JarnoO
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