Eruption 1258942

Standardized Duration:40m
Time Entered:2020-09-01 20:36:05
Time Updated:2020-09-15 14:24:16
Time Uploaded:2020-09-15 14:24:17
Observer:Tara, cb & Bill, Todd & Lori H, Mark W, and many more
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Comments:Minor activity had been weak before a sustained minor with tall NVV at 2033. After a brief pause North Vent took off again to start the eruption at 2034. At 2038, the eruption suddenly became quiet as North Vent was drowned with runoff coming down the hill. Its eruption transitioned to thick bursting with muddy water mixed in and its height dropped below South Vent, which continued to erupt clear water with a steam powered column. As steam returned to North Vent, the bursting became taller and very explosive. The bursting eventually became less muddy and more steam-driven but continued throughout the main water phase which lasted until 2114 for an initial water phase duration of 40 minutes. The moon was rising throughout the water phase. At 2129 water returned to North Vent. A few minutes later we noted that the small waterfall just uphill from North Vent began to flow and North Vent's basin filled with water. We could hear a roaring, ripping sound from South Vent's steam phase. At 2142 South Vent went completely to steam with loud huffing and North Vent's bursting subsided into a muddy pool. Both vents fell totally quiet for a few seconds, then came back together with water, South Vent with low bursts and North Vent ascending forcefully like Grand's second burst to 200+ feet. More restarts followed with this same pattern, 20 in total. The pauses were timed at 8 to 14 seconds long by cb. The restart times were 2142, 2147, 2149, 2151, 2154, 2156, 2158, 2200, 2202, 2204, 2206, 2208, 2210, 2213, 2216, 2219, 2221, 2223, 2225, brief wind shift, 2231, then wind shifted for good toward the platforms and Steamboat went fully into steam. The restarts were similar in nature to those I witnessed on 9/17/18 and 7/30/19.

Why does it say 40 min Maj? Including the restarts in water phase this was about 2 hours of water phase before there was a shift towards steam. I observed this eruption until sunrise. .
Entrant: Wilson
Time Entered:2020-09-03 10:25:29
Time Uploaded:2020-09-03 10:25:29
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Wilson. The intial water lasted for 40m. NV went into steam at 2114. D is based on intial water phase. NV went back into water at 2129 and the restarts started after that.
Entrant: cb
Time Entered:2020-09-06 15:38:46
Time Uploaded:2020-09-06 19:02:28
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No flags for this eruption. Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 8:34 PM major eruption on 1 September 2020.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2020-09-02 07:38:53
Time Uploaded:2020-09-02 07:38:53
Submitted to: Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 8:34 PM major eruption on 1 September 2020.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2020-09-02 07:39:48
Time Uploaded:2020-09-02 07:39:48
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Video of eruption taken by Tara Cross.
Entrant: Tara
Time Entered:2020-09-24 00:13:07
Time Updated:2020-09-25 00:13:04
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