Eruption 1300002

Time:1700 ns
Time Entered:2021-01-02 21:05:32
Time Uploaded:2021-01-06 13:30:04
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Comments:was at geyser basin when it started and ran to the viewpoint. we watched till 520 pm

There are confirmed photos of the steam phase. However, there is no discernible signal on YNR or the Tantalus streamgage. Both of those do not always record eruptions well, but it is curious that /both/ of them did not for this event.
Entrant: mhreed
Time Entered:2021-01-02 22:24:41
Time Uploaded:2021-01-02 22:24:41
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FWIW, weather data from West Yellowstone shows afternoon / evening temperatures in the upper teens F and no wind. YNR seismo shows stronger trace starting at 1433 and diminishing to "normal" around 1500. Normally, Tantalus gauges would register increases in temperature and flow, especially under such weather conditions, but my interpretation is they did not as one might expect.
Entrant: udo
Time Entered:2021-01-03 08:11:49
Time Updated:2021-01-03 08:15:39
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No confirms for this eruption.
No flags for this eruption. of nearest weather station data for west side of YELL.
Entrant: udo
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