Eruption 1303529

Time:1900 A
Time Entered:2021-03-04 09:17:13
Time Updated:2021-04-05 11:53:51
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Confirmed by Jim Holstein from Yellowstone Tour Guides at 1050 03-04-2021 by phone from Canyon. Drove by Norris Junction southbound & will post photos at end of day when he returns from his tour.
Entrant: ypcaribou
Time Entered:2021-03-04 11:21:42
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Possible 1850 E start from YNR.HHZ spectrogram, but not confident enough to make a separate entry (given the steady background noise muddling things, I am not sure I would have picked out the signal without context of the A time). EDIT: data here filtered from 18-45 Hz.
Entrant: mhreed
Time Entered:2021-03-05 01:11:43
Time Updated:2021-03-15 12:25:16
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Temperature chart suggests eruption time near 1900A, however, due to the lack of a clear spike the exact start time from temp data remains ambiguous.
Entrant: K.Cooper
Time Entered:2021-03-17 14:08:42
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No confirms for this eruption.
No flags for this eruption. Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's evening eruption on 3 March 2021.
Entrant: JSJ
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