Eruption 1306050

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Geyser:Fan and Mortar
Time Entered:2021-04-19 03:31:18
Time Updated:2021-04-19 04:02:44
Time Uploaded:2021-04-19 04:02:44
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Comments:needs basin check, overnight recording Video

At 0900 on 4-20-21, there was water in Upper Mortar's catch basins. This is probably not 100% conclusive regarding an eruption due the amount of time that had passed and some intervening precipitation. F&M had recovered and appeared to be having regular cycles with relatively good water levels by the time of my observation. All that said, I believe this entry is accurate based on description of recent activity by interpretive staff.
Entrant: RMichaels
Time Entered:2021-04-20 09:09:22
Time Updated:2021-05-17 16:55:35
Time Uploaded:2021-05-17 16:55:41
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Fan & Mortar ~2243:50 Bonus Lion and Aurum
Entrant: JoeN
Time Entered:2021-04-19 04:04:18
Time Uploaded:2021-04-19 04:04:18
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