Eruption 1314617

Time:1836 ie
Geyser:Grotto Fountain
Standardized Duration:>19m
Time Entered:2021-06-08 18:41:28
Time Updated:2021-06-08 19:06:08
Time Uploaded:2021-06-08 19:06:09
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Comments:Created a sudden, dense and large plume @ 1840, as if it rapidly grew even before Grotto thought of starting. Maintained (or declined only slightly) after Grotto had started. Shrank to below the treetops late 1851. Popped back up mid 1852. It repeated this a few times, however, the later times it remained at or above treetop level at its lowest. Plume and column were again gone in an instant late 1853, followed by puffs in the minutes thereafter. Was preceded by a solid plume slightly to the left of it a few minutes earlier. May or may not be related.

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