Eruption 1317846

Geyser:Fan and Mortar Regular Cycle
Time Entered:2021-06-22 11:09:48
Time Updated:2021-06-22 11:12:36
Time Uploaded:2021-06-22 11:12:35
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Comments:Posting as a regular cycle even though there was a Gold Vent Pause. Overall the cycle was highly disorganized and the pause lasted 2 min. without any MV splashing. R on 0742. R very weak starting 0750. MV steam at 0757 with R still barely on. R continued to be on weakly until 0805. G on 0807. A blips at 0809 with heavier MV steam. R and G off at 0813 to start G pause. R back on at 0815 with A blipping to end 2 min. G pause. G on 0817. A on 0821. R, H, and G weak and almost off at 0825. R, H, G, and A all on strong at 0828. Left at this time based on reports of Spa having strong eruption. R off sometime before 0919, when I returned. Discontinued intense observation of F&M after this point due to repetitive nature of cycles.

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