Eruption 1322628

Geyser:Fan and Mortar
Standardized Duration:32m
Time Entered:2021-07-16 12:14:42
Time Updated:2021-08-17 17:02:57
Time Uploaded:2021-08-17 17:02:59
Observer:DanA, Randy Bush and family, BenVL, Brian G, Deanl, myself, and a moderate crowd of others
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Comments:Sustained Upper Mortar surge at 1211 initiated eruption. As water in UM waned slightly, Lower Mortar started, followed by East then Main in very rapid succession. Powerful eruption from Fan that threw many rocks and reached about 5 feet beyond the gravel footpath. First pause 1225. Last water 1243.

Wind toward the boardwalk for most of the eruption. Very pretty, and nicely backlit viewed from the Fan side. Observers: Russell, Ben VL, Dan A, Dean L, Brian G, Randy, and more including many tourists.
Entrant: Ben VL
Time Entered:2021-07-16 14:26:21
Time Uploaded:2021-07-16 14:53:45
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Entrant: Polly
Time Entered:2021-07-16 17:36:37
Time Uploaded:2021-07-16 17:36:37
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Time Entered:2021-07-16 13:20:05
Time Uploaded:2021-07-16 13:20:05
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Ben VL
Time Entered:2021-07-16 14:22:32
Time Uploaded:2021-07-16 14:22:41
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Time Entered:2021-07-16 14:28:18
Time Uploaded:2021-07-16 14:28:19
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Dan A
Time Entered:2021-07-17 09:47:51
Time Uploaded:2021-07-17 09:47:51
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