Eruption 1327708

Time:1019 ie
Duration:more than 10 min observed
Standardized Duration:>10m
Time Entered:2021-08-13 10:30:09
Time Updated:2021-08-14 16:03:36
Time Uploaded:2021-08-14 16:03:35
Observer:Betty on webcam, Linda on Webcam
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Comments:good visible splashing up to 3 feet, muddy water, update: splashing continues

video is from later but still same eruption
Entrant: ltgangi
Time Entered:2021-08-13 11:24:39
Time Uploaded:2021-08-13 11:24:41
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
This has been its behavior starting the evening of August 11. Three-foot heights were observed starting on August 12. Boiling subsides but never quite completely stops, so the activity has been continuous. Please see the other posted notes. Hopefully we will have future observations for when the boiling stops.
Entrant: Suzanne
Time Entered:2021-08-13 12:49:29
Time Updated:2021-08-17 09:31:46
Time Uploaded:2021-08-17 09:31:47
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Time Entered:2021-08-13 10:30:48
Time Uploaded:2021-08-13 10:30:49
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Time Entered:2021-08-13 11:05:54
Time Uploaded:2021-08-13 11:05:54
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No flags for this eruption.
infant eruption video from later in eruption, but a clearer video
Entrant: ltgangi
Time Entered:2021-08-13 10:35:37
Time Updated:2021-08-13 11:26:38
Time Uploaded:2021-08-13 11:26:41
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