Eruption 1331354

Geyser:Fan and Mortar
Standardized Duration:26m
Time Entered:2021-09-02 18:27:33
Time Updated:2021-09-03 11:52:39
Time Uploaded:2021-09-03 16:30:58
Observer:Many gazers.
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Comments:At least 27m of MV splashing plus an extra 2m of splashing after 9m of quiet time. At least 2 RV pauses. 2 BV eruptions and nice water in LM. See event cycle entry for details. 1800 RV on. 1808 GV on and water levels were quite good. 1812 AV on and water levels dropped and were very poor. 1815 back vent and FP on. 1818 UM umph, not very loud, but then HV and GV immediately jumped up and looked excellent. 1822 lock. 1823 UM surging and Fan stayed in a lock. 1826 F&M. UM did two huge surges first followed quickly by EV and MV. First pause 15m in. Eruption was back-lit and for a lot of time Mortar steam was blowing upriver and Fan steam downriver so you could stand in the middle, see all Fans vents back-lit, and not get too wet.

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Time Entered:2021-09-02 18:40:10
Time Uploaded:2021-09-02 18:40:10
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Time Entered:2021-09-02 18:58:04
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Video of eruption by Tara Cross.
Entrant: Tara
Time Entered:2021-11-27 19:51:10
Time Uploaded:2021-11-27 19:51:10
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