Eruption 1332231

Duration:3m 5s
Standardized Duration:3m 5s
Time Entered:2021-09-07 19:06:45
Time Updated:2021-09-07 19:14:57
Time Uploaded:2021-09-07 19:15:14
Observer:KorbenC et. al. on webcam
Submitted to:
Comments:All of these are (wc) observations. Dep was 1b at 1554, it approached 1a at 1557, non-MC induced crash at 1600. Got back up to 1b at 1635, 1a at 1640. MC 1640. MC induced crash 1643. 1b again at 1706, 1a at 1707. Non-MC-induced crash at 1711. MT/UNNG-GHG-18 ie 1711. Dep got back to 1b at 1740, 1a at 1745. MC 1745. MC induced a crash at 1748. Dep was observed post-crash at 1819, EST Crash at 1817. Reached 1b again at 1846. 1a at 1849, MC also at 1849. The 1849 MC was big. MC dropped Dep to 1c at 1851. 1853 Dep HOLD at 1c. Dep reached 1b at 1859 and still rising. Archived 1a at 1903. Back crack covered at 1904, lip covered at 1905. Bubbling 1905. Flood observed at 19:05:55. First burst 19:06:08. Lots of massive bursts during this eruption, some were probably 8ft in height. Last burst 19:09:13. Pool dropping 19:09:13. D=3m 5s. MC at 1909. The pool was under constant observation since around 1600.

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