Eruption 1333667

Time:1949 A
Time Entered:2021-09-13 20:19:14
Time Uploaded:2021-09-13 20:19:14
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Comments:We started observing Depression very closely starting around 1530. This is when things started getting weird as well. Depression was oscillating randomly between water levels, sometimes fluctuating an entire water level in just a few minutes. At 1556 we had our first crash, but it was disorganized. 1558 was a very messed up stall, the water level got stuck at 1d. 1613 Depression was back and had good water, but it was still very disorganized. Another very disorganized crash at 1619. We took a quick break for F&M from 1620 until 1646. At 1646 Dep was 1c and MC was ie, the water levels were still disorganized and going crazy. Crash at 1701. The 1701 crash appeared MC-induced and was more organized than any previously observed crashes. Dep was 1c again at 1733, and it just looked hot. Depression was 1b at 1739 and crashed around 1745 as it was observed post crash at 1756. Very tall MT's and MC's around 1800. Depression reached truly for the first time in observation at 1825 and had an organized crash at 1828. Reached 1c at 1846. Reached 1b at 1852. Reached 1a at 1853. Bit MT and MC, Dep was very hot and gave it a serious thought about erupting. The strong crash followed shortly at 1857, this had strong bubbles and a very high pool. Depression was 1a at 1937 when MC took over and started to drop Depression. Depression dropped past 1b in 1939 and continued falling until 1941 when it held at 1c. 1941 was the start of the HOLD. Pool rose VERY quickly thereafter. We observed the very tail end of an eruption in 1949. The pool was flooded and it was sloshing and splashing a little bit. Depression still did not have any water as of 2018. This was the 8th scrutinized hold over the past month, all of which, including this one, have resulted in an eruption.

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