Eruption 1335852

Standardized Duration:6m
Time Entered:2021-09-28 13:30:07
Time Updated:2021-09-28 14:43:05
Time Uploaded:2021-09-28 15:15:59
Observer:cb, Aaron, AJ, Bill, David and many "others"!
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Comments:Beautiful blue sky eruption. Started with concerted angled minor that straightened up and went vertical to 40+' then NV dropped and SV pulled NV into the eruption! Into steam at 1332. No water in SV by 1345. YAHOO!

It's Baaack! Saw Steamboat climb to estimated 300-350' max height from just below Emerald Springs. Height estimate based on previous observations from that location. SB behavior of the past 5 days appears to me to be very similar to the intervals preceeding the eruptions of 7/20/18 and 8/4/18. Both of those intervals also were SV dominated, with fewer vertical NV minor play. Likewise, the behavior prior to both the 7/6/2018 & 9/11/2021 eruptions are also similar. Both were longer intervals, possibly disturbance related, and both were NV dominated .
Entrant: bbev
Time Entered:2021-09-28 15:19:30
Time Updated:2021-09-29 07:25:16
Time Uploaded:2021-09-29 07:25:20
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No flags for this eruption. Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 1:26 PM major eruption on 28 September 2021.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2021-09-28 18:08:19
Time Uploaded:2021-09-28 18:08:19
Submitted to: Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 1:26 PM major eruption on 28 September 2021.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2021-09-28 18:08:54
Time Uploaded:2021-09-28 18:08:54
Submitted to: Geyser water temperatures for late September 2021 + major eruption.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2021-09-29 12:38:13
Time Updated:2021-09-29 12:38:41
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