Eruption 1336288

Duration:2m 41s
Standardized Duration:2m 41s
Time Entered:2021-10-01 19:42:40
Time Uploaded:2021-10-01 19:42:40
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Comments:Observations started at 1544. 1544 1b, rose quickly and approached 1a around 1545. Crash 1545 from a 1b position, It held at 1c and tried to go into a HOLD 1C on this crash but failed and completed a full crash. 1616 Depression was holding 1c (note that this is NOT a hold 1c). UNNG-GHG-18 at 1620 and Depression dropped a little bit. Depression crashed sometime between 1623 and 1640. At 1640 Dep was between 1c and 1b. Crashed again between 1640 and 1650. 1d at 1653. 1c at 1656. Mini crash to 1d from 1c at 1657. Crashed again between 1705 and 1715. We then had a period without observation until 1812. 1c 1812.MC at 1814. No observations between 1814 and 1900. 1900 1b. 1901 Dep went into a PUSH/HIGH Mode. 1903 Depression crashed and held at 1c. HOLD 1C 1904. Lead Time = 18 minutes. Took a break for OF until 1919. Dep 1a at 1919. VERY impressive pool at 1919. Back rim gone at 1920. Ear fully connected and main platform covered at 1921. 1921:58 bubbling appeared on the camera. 19:22:43 Flooded the platform. Surge at 19:22:57 started the eruption. Numerous good bursts throughout the eruption, tall and wide. Last major burst at 19:25:20. Continued sloshing and having small splashes until 19:25:38. D= 2m 41s. Pool dropped thereafter. The eruption ended with a very strong MC, as has been observed in the past with strong eruptions of Dep. Notes: The pool was just doing whatever it wanted until about 1800 when it started getting into stronger cycles.

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