Eruption 1336607

Time:1937 ns
Time Entered:2021-10-03 19:45:47
Time Uploaded:2021-10-03 19:45:47
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Comments:The duration was unknown, as the light faded and we caught it from a more zoomed-out position. 1749 - 1a, start of observation. 1750 - Very strong bubble crash, had sustained bubbles in a 1a position for almost a minute before dropping and doing a full crash at 1750. No observations between 1751 and 1828. Depression 1c at 1828 and rising. 1b at 1831 Crashed from a 1b position to 1d at 1833. Hold 1d (not a hold 1c) Pool rising again at 1835. The camera went to watch daisy at 1836, no more observation until 1850. 1851 1a. At 1851 it went through a full crash. The hold 1d did not result in an eruption. No observation between 1851 and 1926. HOLD 1C 1923 1b 1928 The light faded, but the eruption was visible starting at 19:37:40, this was the time of the biggest visible bursting.

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Time Entered:2021-10-03 19:46:39
Time Uploaded:2021-10-03 19:46:40
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