Eruption 1337133

Geyser:Fan and Mortar Event Cycle
Time Entered:2021-10-09 09:03:57
Time Updated:2021-10-09 09:04:53
Time Uploaded:2021-10-09 09:04:55
Entrant:Ben VL
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Comments:A started 1722 having been off for a while prior. R on 1728. G at 1730. 1732 MV huff which shut A off and went into a G stall. 1735 MVS into R off for a G pause. Lots of MVS, sometimes hefty or sustained. (1736, 40x2, 42, 42, 43x2, 45, 46, 46, 47 sustained, 48 w/ blue bubble!, ...) BV splashing but no eruption and large LM fuzzballs. Last MVS 1750. 1752 R back on (p=17m). 1754 G, 1759 A. Excellent water levels and mostly steady until 1808. Turned variable and started declining. 1810 FP on and water levels almost nonexistent. 1813 & 14 low & very low UMS. R off 1813. This event cycle was brought to you by jif peanut butter, donettes, and lower ham's coffee.

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