Eruption 1339273

Time:0000 A
Geyser:Abuse Spring
Time Entered:2021-10-28 13:54:38
Time Uploaded:2021-10-28 13:54:38
Observer:Martinez (July 1974) report
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Comments:Note: erupted three separate times on the 28th, though no exact times were included in the report. "The first eruption on the 28th was the only one directly observed. The duration was 6m20s and was estimated to be 20 to 30 feet high. I arrived at the crater 2 minutes after the eruption had ended and found heavy wash marks all around the craters of Abuse, Spectacle and Round. Water was still in all the channels and stumps, rocks and a few sinter-covered bricks were strewn in all directions. There were a large number of bubbling centers in West Pool, Abuse, and Spectacle Geyser...There was also a small bubbling crack directly in the center of the barrier between West Pool and Abuse. In the hours following there were two more eruptions of a lesser magnitude. Both were followed by the bubbling in the cracks and a slow level-recovery period. The water level in Abuse about an hour after the 2nd eruption was 1 1/2 feet below overflow into West Pool, which was down 2 feet. It took 2 hours for Abuse to overflow after the 3rd eruption. Spectacle Geyser was active after the 1st eruption but became inactive after the 2nd. The eruption cycles of Abuse in all cases caused a switch of flow from Spectacle overflowing to Abuse overflowing into Spectacle. However, there were times when the flow shifted without an eruption of Abuse."

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