Eruption 1344299

Time:0950 ie
Time Entered:2022-01-10 13:32:27
Time Uploaded:2022-01-10 13:32:27
Observer:Mike Vogel
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Comments:My first Atomizer eruption ever! I'm almost positive it was a minor. Saw it ie at 0950 erupting at about 10-15 feet then at 0953 it briefly stopped a minute later and came back on at 0956 and began erupting higher, maybe 20+ feet. I left a little after 1000 as I had to walk back to the VC. I read Scott Bryans book and it didn't mention anything about brief pauses in between minors.

Based on your description, I believe what you saw was an Atomizer minor at 0950 ie, followed by a quick comeback major eruption starting at 0956.
Entrant: RMichaels
Time Entered:2022-01-10 15:05:10
Time Uploaded:2022-01-10 15:05:12
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Russell is correct. Lucky you! You saw a quick-comeback Major! Congratulations! I have only seen two and they are awesome!
Entrant: Pat Snyder
Time Entered:2022-01-10 17:10:42
Time Uploaded:2022-01-10 17:10:42
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