Eruption 1344774

Time:1414 ie
Duration:Greater than 19 minutes.
Standardized Duration:>19m
Time Entered:2022-01-15 14:25:12
Time Updated:2022-01-15 18:59:25
Time Uploaded:2022-01-15 18:59:27
Observer:KorbenC on webcam, Graham and BrandonC in basin.
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Comments:Very strong mixed-phase minor. When we panned over to the area at 1414 it appeared to be in nearly full water phase. There were lots of tall jets for the next few minutes. Graham confirms that this was a minor, thanks!

It was a mixed phase minor. End 1433 and then Twilight drained. Didn't seem unusually strong from 1422 on when I got there, and didn't have as much runoff as the prior eruption. Both eruptions on 17th had much more water.
Entrant: Graham
Time Entered:2022-01-15 14:42:01
Time Updated:2022-01-17 18:16:17
Time Uploaded:2022-01-17 18:16:18
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Time Entered:2022-01-15 15:37:38
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