Eruption 1344968

Time:0915 A
Time Entered:2022-01-17 13:18:11
Time Updated:2022-01-17 13:34:56
Time Uploaded:2022-01-17 13:34:56
Observer:KorbenC with help from Graham in-basin.
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Comments:BSB was observed ie earlier in the morning, 0834ie from Kat. Graham observed no bubblers at 1207 and an icy boardwalk. Also, I remember seeing something that I thought was Beehive around this time, it was foggy and impossible to see, but I saw something out there! Still not very active with occasional wisps of steam at 1330.

Definitely not ie from 0905 to 0914, but possible after. I thought I saw something from the VC, sometime after the 0909 Old Faithful, but couldn't make it out clearly and assumed at the time the fog was just denser near the hill. Overall I think you're probably about right.
Entrant: aferrara
Time Entered:2022-01-17 14:24:19
Time Uploaded:2022-01-17 14:24:19
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