Eruption 1356600

Time:0020:34 E
Time Entered:2022-05-02 05:38:30
Time Updated:2022-05-05 06:27:50
Time Uploaded:2022-06-17 17:42:41
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Comments:NOTE: Constant Geyser eruptions usually appear only as a visible drop on the YVO logger - When Constant tries and fails the valley will still occur so generally Constant E times are not usable - Constant Geyser eruptions began showing as a rise and not a drop in mid-August 2021 lasting ~four weeks with several pauses {from 2 to ~13 days} - Steep drops returned with interesting long intervals, with no observed failed eruptions. To document this unusual period Constant Geyser E times Aug 15- Nov 6 2021 ONLY have been added to the GT database NOTE: The logger clock will be off until reset September 23 - that info will be added occasionally when in-basin entries are present to clarify time discrepancies ALSO NOTE: Some Constant eruptions are obscured by Whirligig – Constant E times are not a definitive record of all eruptions

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