Eruption 1357580

Geyser:Fan and Mortar Event Cycle
Time Entered:2022-05-10 12:17:10
Time Updated:2022-05-10 22:24:15
Time Uploaded:2022-05-10 22:24:20
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:High water in BV/LM and heavy MV steam pre-cycle. R 1155 with maybe a spritz of water in Main. Water stayed high in BV/LM while River was on. R off/weak at 1208. R definitely on 1210. Water visible in UM and MV steam at 1212. R definitely off 1214. First MV splashes 1216. MV splashes were frequent and low in the crater. BV put out enough water that runoff reached the river, but it never had a full eruption. R 1226 to end 12m pause. MV continued to splash after R on. R off 1232 to begin second pause. R 1238 to end 6m pause. Last MV splash 1236. G 1250. Water levels were variable with some periods of jetting in H and G that lasted about 20s. A 1257. Water levels were up and down for 5 minutes, then they rapidly improved about the time Frying Pan started to steam. Lock at 1303 with H and G tall and unwavering. The first UM surge initiated the eruption at 1308. East started seconds before Main.

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