Eruption 1363823

Standardized Duration:3m
Time Entered:2022-06-10 11:31:39
Time Updated:2022-06-11 04:57:37
Time Uploaded:2022-06-11 04:57:37
Observer:Larrisa, Clara, Art, Dan A, Jess, Forest, Drew, Gary & Laurie, Francie, bbev & cb
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Comments:3m water phase. Incredible minors started at 1115 and were thicck and juicy! SV was fountaining and producing amazing ragging rivers down the channel. Minors were a concerted wall of water at times till it took off!Start of eruption was at the top of the 28m. Water erupting in BC from the start. (looked like a frying pan eruption) mixed steam/water at 1235 in both vents. Back tosteam @ 1236. Wind direction was toward the northeast (toward the government area and the road) so most of the runoff was in the trees and down the SV channel. ** Cistern Spring @ 2hour mark still had a weak boil and had only dropped to just below the scalloped edges and was still overflowing out the established channel toward Echinus. ** Emerald spring is no longer a deep deep forest green color and has a more blue hue to the pool. no bubbles & still in overflow!

Watched minors from "the dip" just below Emerald for 10 min prior to eruption. Water was seen over the trees for that entire period from minors preceeding the eruption. l would estimate 400'+ based on confirmed heights l have observed from this vantage point.
Entrant: bbev
Time Entered:2022-06-10 18:29:40
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Dan A
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No flags for this eruption. Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 11:28 AM major eruption on 10 June 2022.
Entrant: JSJ
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