Eruption 699722

Time:1103 ie
Time Entered:2014-07-20 20:33:26
Time Updated:2014-07-23 20:18:42
Time Uploaded:2014-07-23 20:18:42
Entrant:Janet Jones
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Comments:I'm pretty certain King Geyser erupted. Of course, we were driving out - just past Potts and got to the second pullout while I took a few photos.It was well ie when we saw first saw the steam at 1103, and the eruption ended abruptly at 1106.A gal on the boardwalks was talking with her husband about heading to King because someone told her it was erupting. Mara Reed said on the Geyser Gazers Facebook page, "King was observed in eruption by a park ranger at least twice during the month of June" and comments from Ralph Taylor and Tara Cross both seem to also think the photos taken were of King Geyser.
CONFIRMATION from the West Thumb Log Book:
"King Geyser erupted from 11:00-11:06 at a height of 10-15 ft bursts. -BJP"

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No flags for this eruption. taken from the 2nd pullout past Potts Hot Springs along the lake.
Entrant: Janet Jones
Time Entered:2014-07-20 20:48:30
Time Uploaded:2014-07-20 20:48:30
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