Eruption 709680

Geyser:Lone Star
Time Entered:2014-09-09 22:22:16
Time Updated:2018-09-09 13:23:22
Time Uploaded:2018-09-09 13:23:09
Observer:James St. John
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Comments:Preplay started 1h23m after end of previous eruption.  Preplay started 1h26m before the 1557 eruption.  Preplay was immediately preceded by low-pitched, subterranean gurgling at about 1420 to 1425, followed by 86 minutes worth of small, intermittent splashing plus overflow cascade, alternating with quiet pauses (1431 to 1557).  Preplay splashing events ranged from about 15 seconds long to about 1.5 minutes long  Eruption commenced at 1557.  Noisy steam-dominated phase at about 1610.  More quiet steam phase at 1614.  Gentle steaming at 1620.  Very gentle steaming at 1623. See attachment.

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No flags for this eruption. of Lone Star Geyser's 3:57 to 4:23 PM major eruption on 7 August 2013.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2018-09-09 13:22:52
Time Uploaded:2018-09-09 13:22:52
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