Eruption 774455

Time:0805 A
Time Entered:2015-05-04 10:04:44
Time Updated:2016-03-06 20:05:35
Time Uploaded:2016-03-06 20:05:39
Observer:Bill Warnock
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Comments:Bill called me this morning to report that when he arrived at Norris near 8:05 this morning and found Red Vent in a powerful steam phase which would indicate that Ledge had just erupted. He will give more details later. Emperor

When I arrived at 0805, Red Vent was in very loud and strong steam phase, and White was steaming heavily as well. Palm/Pressure Pool was full and Jetsam also nearly full. Boardwalk was very wet. I cannot guess when the eruption began or when the water phase ended. Janet White told me that when she arrived mid-morning, it was still in strong steam phase.She will pass by again on her way home and report on things then.
Entrant: billwarnock
Time Entered:2015-05-04 15:22:28
Time Uploaded:2015-05-04 15:22:28
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