Eruption 796368

Standardized Duration:~3m
Time Entered:2015-08-18 19:17:22
Time Updated:2015-09-04 11:02:41
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:41:09
Observer:James St. John
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Comments:Eruption from 1358 to 1401. Before eruption: bubbling/roiling in a nearly full pool at 1136, then slacked off; water level lower at 1142; in overflow at 1212; didn't watch for ~30m; in overflow at 1248; pool level down at 1251; slight pulsing of a nearly full pool at 1312; next overflow from 1335 to 1338, with water level dropping down a bit after - still a ~full pool; next overflow at 1353; moderately heavy overflow at 1355; bubbling at 1357; eruption start at 1358 - only a couple moderate bursts early on - a somewhat unimpressive eruption (but my first one). After eruption: pool's water level lowered significantly immediately after end of eruption.

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Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2015-11-07 14:34:25
Time Uploaded:2015-11-07 14:34:25
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