Eruption 800290

Duration:2 min
Standardized Duration:2m
Time Entered:2015-09-12 22:05:55
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:49:58
Observer:MA. Runoff observations also by Steve B & Al, Graham, Alan & Rhonda, Keth & Lotus.
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Comments:Graham and I MAY have seen a steam cloud from there earlier while up at Ledge. Muddy water and not very big, but, wow! Runoff channel turned to muddy soup. Clear water could be seen flowing over the bright green bacteria above Pinwheel, and the milk chocolate runoff coming out of it helped confirm it was Pinwheel when I got down there. Later that afternoon the thing around the corner erupted again and the runoff was milky. I don't know if that was from that water coming thru Pinwheel and collecting gunk or not. After things cleared up later in the afternoon there was no green remaining in the oft photographed channel and it looked scoured white. I have photos from above at the bench above Arsenic and tried to keep the little Whirligig tree in the frame to confirm the location.

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