Eruption 802007

Time Entered:2015-09-28 07:34:55
Time Updated:2015-09-28 13:02:14
Time Uploaded:2015-09-28 13:02:14
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Comments:Huge steam cloud.(many times larger than the morning's Grand, Daisy or Castle.). It was close to where I remember Giant being. Jim S reported finding the signs rolled later in the morning.

I saw it also, have snaps (at home, unfortunately I am at work until 1530 pdt). I opened some old webcam snaps of Giant and the location seemed correct. The steam was also concentrated, unlike Grotto. I agree with Dave, hope someone checks to see if the signs rolled.
Entrant: Pat Snyder
Time Entered:2015-09-28 07:44:50
Time Uploaded:2015-09-28 07:44:50
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No confirms for this eruption.
No flags for this eruption. webcam pic from Castle (5:47) posting would help you.
Entrant: td
Time Entered:2015-09-28 07:39:12
Time Updated:2015-09-28 08:06:39
Time Uploaded:2015-09-28 08:06:38
Submitted to: was at 5:07.
Entrant: td
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See the 11:51 (& onward) mark in this video for the best view of the big steam cloud.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2015-09-28 13:15:56
Time Uploaded:2015-09-28 13:15:56
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