Eruption 841507

Geyser:Other Geyser
Time Entered:2016-06-09 21:29:30
Time Uploaded:2016-06-09 21:29:30
Observer:James St. John
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Comments:Observed 6 eruptions of Bridge Geyser (Sprinkler Group, Lower Geyser Basin). Eruptions were <1 minute in duration. All eruptions were a meter or less in height (it's difficult to tell from a distance). Eruptions were apparently from the southern end of the southern pool (unlike those observed in 1989 by Wolf & Paperiello - see "Report on the Kaleidoscope & Sprinkler Groups", p. 50). Eruptions at 1411, 1450 to 1451, 1523, 1558 to 1559, 1631, 1715 to 1716. Filmed a couple of these in sunlight (no gray skies).

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Clip 2 of this video compilation (time stamp 1:26 to 2:06) shows Bridge Geyser's 3:58 to 3:59 PM eruption on 9 June 2016. Clips 3-5 (time stamp 2:07 to the end) show additional Bridge Geyser eruptions later that afternoon.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2016-11-01 18:54:51
Time Uploaded:2016-11-01 18:54:51
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