Note 10327

Date/Time From:2018-09-21 @ 1035
Date/Time To:2018-09-21 @ 1945
Time Entered:2018-09-21 15:41:25
Time Updated:2018-11-27 10:57:05
Time Uploaded:2018-11-27 10:57:05
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:1035:36 pause d~45s, 1102:40 pause leading to Giant hot period. [Break in observation]. 1305 pause leading to Giant hot period. [Break]. 1430 pause leading to bathtub d~4m, 1536:45 pause d~1m25s, 1602 slowdown, 1614:20 pause d~1m, 1640 pause leading to bathtub d=5m45s. [Break]. 1759 pause d~2m, 1841 slowdown, 1856 pause leading to bathtub, d~5m, 1945 pause leading to bathtub d~5.5m.

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