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Date/Time:2018-10-03 @ 1302
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Note:platform quiet and dry with gentle billows of steam. Cistern Spring is not at overflow level. 12+" Below overflow and is a muddy, greenish color with a 2 vent boil. 1740 Cistern Spring is in overflow on the west end toward Corporal. This is my last post for Steamboat 2018 :(

Thank you for all the posts, Carol!
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Thanks cb & bbev. Your posts this year have been so much appreciated! I couldn't have caught my first Steamboat major without them.
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Thank you for all your updates, Carol! They gave me the information I needed to make several weekend trips to see Steamboat. Same time next year, I hope! :D
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Thank you so much for all these updates! I really appreciated them and gave me a rough idea of what happened over at Steamboat/Cistern!
Entrant: JarnoO
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