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Geyser:Pink Cone
Date/Time:2018-10-21 @ 0759
Time Entered:2018-10-21 08:02:35
Time Uploaded:2018-10-21 09:18:59
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Note:Looks posteruptive. One roadside bubbler is very active. I only see the one. There is water collected in small shallow pools around the cone. The road is wet but not icy, even though it's a few degrees below freezing. The cone is gently steaming, but I didn't hear any noise or see any splashing in the few minutes I was there.

Yes, this is post eruptive. Bubblers off by 9.
Entrant: Maureen
Time Entered:2018-10-21 15:11:38
Time Uploaded:2018-10-21 15:11:38
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