Note 10865

Geyser:Arch Steam Vent
Date/Time:1971-10-05 @ 0000
Observer:RHutchinson Geo Box 73
Time Entered:2018-12-28 22:51:25
Time Uploaded:2018-12-28 22:51:25
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Note:{Seen and photographed Oct 6. eruption presumed night of Oct 5} There was no warning at all to the vent change other than a temperature rise of 1°F on September 12th. When it erupted, the vent was enlarged, its shape changed markedly, muddy water coated the trees clear to the top to a distance of over 80 feet from the vent, the log sign identifying Arch Steam Vent was rolled 30 feet down the slope; in addition mud, pine needles, small logs, and the other debris were washed over the boardwalk below the vent, a gully about a foot in depth was eroded into the hillside, and a small pool to the west-northwest served as a catchment basin for part of the runoff but its level dropped around 2 feet from normal.

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