Note 10892

Geyser:Arch Steam Vent
Date/Time:1972-05-14 @ 1000
Observer:1972 Logbook Geo Box 27
Time Entered:2019-01-22 10:10:55
Time Uploaded:2019-01-22 10:10:55
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Note:5/14/1972 {generic time} Arch Steam Vent {1st observations of the season noting destruction from early Oct 1971 eruption~ 1972 Annual report states it was September {disturbance} activity~~~ included here as some readers of the log may assume a May 1972 eruption.} 5-14-72 Lognote: had one heck of an eruption The erosion in this area is impressive – a new hole opened up to the north and is filled with green water. The trail no longer branches back to the feature

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