Note 10950

Date/Time:2019-02-22 @ 1148
Observer:Kristine Branstetter
Time Entered:2019-02-22 12:58:22
Time Uploaded:2019-02-22 12:58:24
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Snow on platform. signs not rolled.

Giant signs no longer roll except for the Giant sign itself. They've been placed incorrectly and I can't fix it.
Entrant: RangerRebecca
Time Entered:2019-02-22 13:07:58
Time Uploaded:2019-02-22 13:07:58
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Giant eruption confirmed. Snow around Bijou doesn't get washed and Bijou was dead per rangers.
Entrant: Graham
Time Entered:2019-02-22 19:14:34
Time Uploaded:2019-02-22 19:14:34
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