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Date/Time:2019-02-26 @ 1319
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Note:The data on the graph is not consistent with Daisy's interval. It might be wind that is delaying it and producing longer intervals. However, on the graph there are big spikes followed small spikes which is not usual from my experience.

The last couple of intervals (just below or over 3h) are, in my experience, the usual intervals in cold conditions, especially during winter. I've also observed several 5h+ closed intervals during these conditions. As for those big spikes followed by small spikes, I have no idea what may cause it, though it wouldn't surprise me if a feature nearby is becoming more active, with Daisy's eruption serving as a catalyst due to a slightly lower water level in the group (which could be enough to induce some kind of activity).
Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2019-02-26 13:53:13
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